1. It is the instructors responsibility to inform students on Rules, Regulations, and Prices.
  2. Everyone must sign in upon entering the Park. No Exceptions Made.
  3. November-April gate is not locked during regular hours and operates on a Honor system. Stop at shelter on left, sign release form, put fees in envelope and deposit in deposit box. 
  4. Only certified Divers and students with instructors may scuba dive in the Park.
  5. Divers must be 18 years of age or older, unless being certified with an instructor. Also certified diverers under 18 years of age may dive when accompanied by a certified diving parent
  6. Divers must be certified in scuba diving by an approved nationally recognized agency.
  7. When scuba diving at Fantasy lake Scuba Park, only “Buddy Diving” is permitted.
  8. No Alcohol or Drugs of any kind will be permitted before or during diving.
  9. No Defacing, destruction, or moving diving attractions will be allowed. Do Not Move Them!!!
  10. Diving privileges may be suspended temporarily or permanently at the Park's management's discretion for reasons of safety, i.e. lighting, darkness, etc, or for infractions of the rules, i.e. drinking, fishing, unsafe or improper diving practices, etc.
  11. NO Fishing, NO Spear Gun Fishing, NO Knife Use, and NO Shooting will be allowed.
  12. All non-diving guests must be 18 years of age, and will be required to pay a $5.00 guest fee. All guests must abide by all rules and regulations of the Park. Guests are not permitted to swim or wade into the water.
  13. The Park is open for Scuba Diving every day of the year from 9:00 am until dusk during the weekday, and 8:00 am until dusk on the weekend unless otherwise posted. Special hours or diving arrangements may be made.
  14. No Children under 18 years old will be permitted in the Park except students with instructor or certified with parent.
  15. No Dogs or Pets will be permitted in the Park.
  16. Night Dives are permitted Friday and Saturday nights without prior approval. Gates are locked promply at 11 pm. Gates are locked other nights at 8 pm. Night dives may be arranged on other nights with prior approval of the Park's Management. A minimum of 4 divers is required, and will cost an additional $5.00 each over the current day rate. Night dives must be completed prior to 10:30 pm.
  17. When signing in to visit or dive at Fantasy Lake Scuba Park , you acknowledge that you understand the Park is located where an abandoned Rock Quarry was filled with water. For safety, no cliff diving or walking around the edges or sides of the rock walls is permitted.
  18. There is no lifeguard on duty as their need in scuba diving is very limited. Therefore you must abide by all safety rules and regulations and dive with a dive buddy at all times to insure your own safety
  19. By signing into the Park for the privilege of visiting or diving, you release the Park, it's owner, management and employees from any liability from injury or loss which you may sustain by entering and using the Park's property.
  20. The Park gate will be lock at 8 pm for the convenience and safety of the Park's patrons and for the preservation of the park except when camping and night dives are scheduled. On these evenings the Park gate will be closed at 11 pm. In the case of emergency someone will be available onsite 24 hours to let you out of the Park.

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  1. Facility for primitive camping only
  2. Camping in designated campsite areas only.
  3. Campfires in designated campfire areas only
  4. No swimming
  5. Hiking on marked trails only
  6. No grills within 25 feet of Lake water edge
  7. No Boats, Canoes or Kayaks